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Beck Spokane Stretch

Hey, There!

My name is Rebecca (Becky) Kukucka and I'm the owner/operator of Spokane Stretch. I’m just a gal learning how to live life to the fullest . I work part time as an ultrasound technologist in Spokane, WA. 

My REAL passion, besides my hubs and two totally cool boys, is wellness. Not just what to eat and how often to exercise, but the WHOLE picture.

All About Me

I started experiencing muscle pain around 2007, around the time I started my career as an Ultrasound Technologist. It’s a physically difficult job at times and I probably didn’t pay attention to good ergonomics when I first started.


In the last few years it’s become very important to me that I turn this ship around or my older retirement years are going to be harsh. I’ve learned the difference between sick care and preventative care as well the importance of nutrition and positive self talk, among many others things. I’m an avid Barre enthusiast and teach classes at Spokane Barre. It’s by far my favorite workout! When we work our bodies (hard sometimes!), there are times we’ll experience burnout and possibly prolonged recovery. Ooof. I’ve been there!

Spokane Stretch

Enter Spokane Stretch. This idea came to fruition in the fall of 2023 when I personally had a stretch session done. I was so impressed by what could be done for my body, fully clothed and in a short period of time. I was hooked!

A light flicked on! I became certified in Frederick Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) in Arizona. I’m also working toward my certification in LifeStretch. This will enable me to teach group stretch classes to the beautiful ladies of Spokane soon! I’m also a Certified Nutritional Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Work With Me

I know you take care of so many. Now it’s time for you. I’m here to support your journey to a balanced life, full of well-being and better movement without pain.

Let’s get going!  If you are ready to find relief and let your body move the way it should, see our services!

XO, Becky

“What a wonderful experience! Becky knew her stuff and made me feel comfortable. I can’t wait to book my next appointment, I can see this really helping my everyday mobility.”
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